Global Environment Outlook 3 Past Present and Future Perspectives from UNEP

Title: Global Environment Outlook 3 Past Present and Future Perspectives
Author: UNEP
Publisher: Earthscan Publications 2002
ISBN No.: 92-807-2087-2
Year of Publication: 2002

Global Environmental Outlook 3 is probably the most significant and important environmental text and reference work available at the present time. Its consolidation of the current “State of the Globe”, supported by the scientific inputs of over 1,000 individuals and 40 institutions from around the world reflect the credibility of the data and findings included therein. This book is a “must have” for anyone who is remotely interested in the future of our world and the actions required to ensure that we and our children and our children’s children have a “home” to exist in.

The report also has a valuable system of preserving Internet references using a Geo-3 tag in the references which, when used on the CD-ROM or the GEO-3 website will bring up the full reference and text, even though the original web page may have disappeared.
Exceptional Publication – highly recommended.

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