Green – Why Corporate Leaders Need to Embrace Sustainability to Ensure Future Profitability from Graham Terry

Title: Green – Why Corporate Leaders Need to Embrace Sustainability to Ensure Future Profitability
Author: Graham Terry
ISBN No.: 9780620436380
Year of Publication: 2009

This book is an important publication for chartered accountants, for whom it was written. It is a series of chapters, put together, which cover different aspects of sustainability and it seeks to present information to encourage chartered accountants to take a leadership role in the subject. My problem is that I don’t think the book contains enough drive and energy to persuade our dearly beloved accountants to make the necessary changes….

The sub-title of the book is “Why corporate leaders need to embrace sustainability to ensure future profitability.”. I can’t find the information in the book that says precisely why the corporate leaders SHOULD change. The compelling arguments are not compelling enough and the discussions don’t seem to focus sufficiently, in my view, on the South African situation.

The book is an excellent inventory of key facts and information but the threads of logic, persuasion, reason, passion and argument just do not seem to flow through the chapters. The two last chapters, “The Future” and “Conclusions” try to put forward a “next step” but to my mind and understanding, it was not convincing or believable enough. I am sure that Mr Terry put a great deal of effort and research into putting the information together and for this he is to be commended. Regrettably, the book needed to go “the extra mile” to “sell” sustainability, not just describe it.

This book is an excellent update on current sustainability issues and for this reason, belongs on business bookshelves. However, I found it lacking in providing appropriate motivation and arguments to persuade local businessmen to make the necessary changes to embrace sustainability in their operational activities.

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