Limits to Growth – the 30 Year Update from D Meadows, J Randers, & D Meadows

Title: Limits to Growth – the 30 Year Update
Author: D Meadows, J Randers, & D Meadows
Publisher: Earthscan, London, 
ISBN No.: 1-84407-144-8
Year of Publication: 2005

This update has exactly the same message – humanity’s ecological footprint is 20% greater than the planet’s regenerative capacity and we are maintaining this natural “overdraft” by liquidating our natural resources.

The 30 year update is a sobering book. It tells us why we need to put into place environmental management systems, institute sustainable development policies and initiatives and install conservation and control mechanisms to reduce natural resource utilisation and water and energy consumption. It’s message is made all the more urgent because the phenomenal growth in the Chinese economy is going to make the “overshoot” theory in the book overheat.

This is not a doom and gloom publication. It is a stark spelling out of the options that face us, good and bad. It clarifies why the current generation must act on its present consumption strategies.

Not an easy read but highly recommended for those who want to know what the choices are in the future for resource utilisation, consumption and conservation.
Arend Hoogervorst

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