Root Cause Analysis Handbook – A Guide to Effective Incident Investigation from EQE International Inc. 1999

Title: Root Cause Analysis Handbook – A Guide to Effective Incident Investigation
Author: EQE International Inc. 1999
Publisher: Government Institutes, Rockville USA
ISBN No.: 0-86587-658-4
Year of Publication: 1999


Root cause analysis is an excellent tool for incident investigation in the context of quality, safety, health and environment. This handbook is a complete “how to do it” based upon the SOURCETM (Seeking Out the Underlying Root Causes of Events) method of root cause investigations using a Root Cause MapTM as a graphic basis of tracking and charting the process.

The handbook does create a valuable basis for training and helps to ensure uniformity in carrying out root cause analysis.

The handbook makes excellent use of simple clear line diagrams and flow charts to illustrate key points and summarise, sometime, complicated concepts and ideas. There are many small practical pointers, which can easily be forgotten in the melee of dealing with problems. For example, the importance of preserving evidence for the investigations can easily be forgotten in the rush to “clean up” after a spills event or accident. Without core evidence, investigation becomes extremely difficult.

For practitioners and managers, this is an important reference handbook and is well worth purchasing

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