Sewage Solutions – Answering The Call of Nature from Nick Grant, Mark Moodie and Chris Weedon

Title: Sewage Solutions – Answering The Call of Nature
Author: Nick Grant, Mark Moodie and Chris Weedon
Publisher: Centre for Alternative Technology, Machynlleth, Powys, Wales, UK
ISBN No.: 189804-916-5
Year of Publication: 2000

£10.00 plus P & P from Centre for Alternative Technology, Machynlleth, Powys, SY20 9AZ, Wales UK. Email:-

This is one of the best books on the technical aspects of dealing with sewage and sewerage in an environmentally sustainable manner that I have ever come across. Every facet of the topic is covered in great detail with hints and tips to help the reader. I think it helps that the book is published by the Centre for Alternative Technology (one of the best and most successful centres of its type ever) and that the three co-authors are in the business of installing and monitoring non-mains sewage treatment systems.

The book helps the reader make the best choices for small-scale sewage treatment, dealing safely with sewage of up to 50 people. To help one along, the book also has a designer’s flow/decision chart and a designer’s checklist.

The book tackles various issues in chapters such as:- Treating Sewage, Sewage Treatment systems, Monitoring and regulations, Avoiding generation of Blackwater, and Using domestic water wisely. Within these chapters are sections such as “how to make “humanure””, “sewage treatment technologies”, “aerobic or anaerobic?”, “Reed beds”, “detergents and household cleaning agents.”.

If you have to work with small-scale sewage treatment issues and are not close to water borne sewage systems, this book is a must for you. What is a bonus is that the authors write in a fresh and easy style that almost makes you want to get up immediately and dig a septic tank… For the appropriate person – highly recommended.

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