Sustainability on Campus – Stories and Strategies for Change from PF Barlett & GW Chase – Editors

Title: Sustainability on Campus – Stories and Strategies for Change
Author: PF Barlett & GW Chase – Editors
ISBN No.: 0-262-52422-8
Year of Publication: 2004

This is not just a book about academics changing policies on campus or experimenting with theories: it is a record of how to communicate and motivate change and includes the successes and failures of different strategic approaches. It is not just for academics. Any initiative to initiate change or to introduce new ideas or programmes will benefit from the excellent learning points that emerge from the explanations of how the various institutions set about “changing hearts and minds”.

The book takes a fresh and stimulating approach to presenting strategies by allowing the authors to tell their stories in narrative form, rather than writing it up as an academic treatise. The various authors explain how they set about introducing sustainability policies and programmes on their various campuses and they explain the lessons they learned, the things that went right and wrong and how many of them recognise that an element of psychology had to be applied to persuade people to accept change and modification.

The book looks at the policy development component, engaging the various stakeholders and stakeholder groups to achieve buy-in, building system-wide commitment and ensuring continuity of the changes. Most organisations need to go through this process at some point or other and the lessons are sound, practical and effective.

This is a very useful resource book which provides a range of information and experiences on not only sustainability strategy but also change management. Recommended.

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