Sustainable Development for Engineers – A Handbook and Resource Guide from Edited by K Mulder

Title: Sustainable Development for Engineers – A Handbook and Resource Guide
Author: Edited by K Mulder
Publisher: Greenleaf Publishing, Sheffield
ISBN No.: ISBN –10: 1-874719-19-5
Year of Publication: 2006

This excellent handbook and resource guide is labelled for engineers but it is just as relevant for other professional disciplines and will provide them with valuable insights and sources of information to demystify the concept of sustainable development.

The book is split up into 10 chapters:- Why do we need sustainability?; Why is the current world system unsustainable?; Patterns of development; Sustainable development and economic, social and political structures; Technology: the culprit or saviour?; Measuring sustainability; Sustainable development and the company: why, what and how?; Design and sustainable development; Innovation processes; and Technology for sustainable development.

In addition to the main chapters, the book also includes a number of stand alone text boxes which discuss different dilemmas and strategies in sustainable development. This innovation helps to give a perspective and also recognises “the exception that proves the rule”. Some of the case studies in the text boxes are quite revealing.

The book is cleanly written in a no-nonsense, plain language style which makes for easy absorption of information.
Excellent, basic sustainable development and sustainability text for all – highly recommended.

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