Arend Hoogervorst is a consulting environmental scientist and the professional partner operating the Eagle Environmental environmental and sustainability consultancy. His background and experience include: –

  • working in central Government (Senior Professional Officer to Assistant Director in the South African national Department of Environmental Affairs and the first formally trained, multidisciplinary, environmental scientist to be appointed by the Department);
  • working in local Government (Head of the Environmental Planning Unit of the Town Planning Branch of the Cape Town City Council);
  • working in the private sector (first Group Environmental Auditor for the South African chemicals group, AECI Ltd, first Health, Safety & Environmental Manager of the ENGEN Refinery in Durban); and
  • Working in private practice as an Environmental Management and Sustainability Advisor and Auditor within Eagle Environmental.

With respect to qualifications, Arend has the following formal qualifications: –

  • He received his Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree in Environmental Science from the University of Plymouth in the UK in 1977;
  • He has a Master of Philosophy (Science) degree in Environmental Studies obtained from the University of Cape Town, South Africa, in 1985.
  • Arend has been a Professional member of the Institution of Environmental Sciences since 1981,
  • a Professional member of the South African Institute of Waste Management since 1994,
  • a registered Natural Scientist (Environmental Sciences) since 1984;
  • He was privileged to become a Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) in 2005.
  • He is also a certified Principal Environmental Management Auditor and
  • He is an ICMI (International Cyanide Management Institute) certified Cyanide Code Lead Auditor and Production Technical Auditor.

Arend’s 37 years of practical sustainability and environmental management experience includes working in South Africa, Mozambique, Botswana, Mali, Senegal, Guinea, Ghana, Namibia, Tanzania, as well as working in France, Italy, Saudi Arabia and Australia.

He is a passionate networker and has edited and published a professional environmental and sustainability newsletter called Eagle Bulletin from 1990 to 2012. Networking is sharing and Arend has shared his knowledge and experience by conducting customised training courses for commerce and industry and government on topics such as environmental awareness, environmental management systems development and environmental auditing, for almost 20 years.

His fields of interest vary widely and his current focus is undertaking independent audits of cyanide management in the gold mining sector. This is undertaken for the International Cyanide Management Institute and its various signatories throughout the world. He also undertook third party independent HSEC (Health, Safety, Environment and Community) audits for the resources company, Xstrata (now known as Glencore). Arend also provides guidance, advice and support on environmental management systems, sustainability and sustainable development, environmental compliance, waste management, materials handling and life cycle analysis.

His various interests and reputation resulted in his being invited to work for the United Nations Environment Programme’s Industry and Economics unit in Paris on preparatory work for the Johannesburg Summit (WSSD) in 2002 and be a member of the South African Bureau of Standards National Technical TC201 Committee (ISO 14000), contributing to three sub-committees on environmental auditing, life cycle analysis and definitions. He was also privileged to act as the Commerce and Industry representative in the CONNEP process, drafting the South African environmental management policies which led to the production of the National Environmental Management Act and its various associated specialised Acts.

Arend has written various environment related publications, having been the founding author of the South African Environment Diary for eight years, the founding author of the South African Enviropaedia and Networking Directory and editor and publisher of Eagle Bulletin for over 20 years. He also wrote five of the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism’s Integrated Environmental Management Series booklets on Environmental Auditing; Life Cycle Assessment; Environmental Reporting; Environmental Assessment of Trade-Related Agreements and Policies in South Africa; and Linking Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Management Systems, during 2004 and 2005.He is currently running the networking “Practical Environmental Options” website.

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