In very simple terms, environmental auditing checks environmental performance against environmental policy and objectives. However, audits depend upon the agreed scope of work and terms of reference.

Eagle Environmental’s Arend Hoogervorst is a Exemplar Global-certified Lead Auditor (EMS) and has been auditing for some 27 years. He has undertaken a wide variety of different environmental, HSE (Health, Safety and Environment), HSEC (Health, Safety, Environment and Community), SHE (Safety, Health & Environment) audits Water Use Licence (WUL) Compliance audits, and environmental due diligence investigations. He has also been an International Cyanide Management Institute (ICMI), Cyanide Code Lead Auditor since the ICMI established its third-party independent auditing requirements in 2006 and is also a ICMI specialist Production Auditor. For further information on Arend’s various auditing experiences, please go to the Downloads Page on and review his various CV’s, including his current Audit and Training Log.

We can provide a wide range of environmental auditing services so please contact us with your needs and requirements.

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