Environmental policies and programmes set direction and must be carefully developed to reflect intent, practicality and honesty. A key part of corporate governance practice is transparency and if actions cannot be related to the words used and viewed by stakeholders, the corporate image will suffer. Furthermore, in extreme cases, share prices, image and expensively developed branding can also be severely impacted.

We can help you to craft the words and deeds of your environmental policies and programmes in such a way that they reflect commitment, as well as corporate responsibility and practicality.

We can assist at all levels from helping to write original documents through to revising old frameworks, auditing policies and practices and keeping your written commitments fresh, relevant and “do-able”.

Whether your needs range from initiating new programmes in order to meet ISO 14001:2015 requirements, or if you simply wish to have someone take an independent look at your policies and practices, we can assist you.

Our extensive library of corporate documentation is a valuable reference point so you can see what your peers, competitors and the leading-edge organisations are doing and writing in the field of policies and programmes.

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