So what does this mean?

Many people, organisations, companies and groups ask questions like, “who or why does the environment affect me?” or “what should I worry about?” or “what contributions can we make to sustainability?” or “What do I have to do and what will it cost?” or “what environmental opportunities are there?”

With our 37 years of practical experience and professional knowledge of environmental management, sustainability, and money saving environmental knowledge, we try and answer these questions (and more) in a way that makes, sense, complies with legal requirements, adds value, contributes to corporate responsibility programmes and saves money.

There are no “off the shelf” answers. Each situation has its own set of unique issues, strengths and weaknesses and challenges and we will address these with you. We can help you to incorporate environmental management and sustainability into your management structures and practices and add value to your bottom line, be it economic, social or environmental.

Not only do we have a wealth of practical knowledge and field experience, but we also have a unique and specialised library and database which will provide support information, case studies, examples, and guides to make your solutions sustainable and something that you can take over and run yourselves, and not need to rely on permanent consultants to operate your systems for you.

We can also provide, if you need it, customised training for you and your staff to implement plans and programmes and become confident in new skills awareness and environmental focus.

Contact us for a free discussion on options available and let’s talk about how we can help you.

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